“This was my 25th visit to Sunder Land cottages, here to celebrate my 27th birthday, to climb High Peaks, canoe, swim off the Point, and to enjoy campfires and star shows (thanks to Gary, our resident astronomer).  So many memories here….always a highlight of my year!  Thanks for all.”

Kamaren - Pittsford, N.Y. -

“My first trip to Paradox Lake was a complete success!  I had a wonderful time in such a beautiful place.  We swam, canoed, had a camp fire and simply enjoyed being here.”

Ryan -

“I dream about this lake all year long.  We’ve been coming here for 25 years.  This is my Happy Place.”    Robin … Pittsford, N.Y. “Nothing like watching Adirondack thunder storms from the screen porch.  Why go home?  We’re bringing along our granddaughter Hana for her fourth year here.  She’d like to stay the summer, too.”

Paul S. - Pittsford, N.Y. -

“This marks 30 years of wonderful times at Paradox Lake!  As our families have grown, we now vacation in three cabins.  Some of my best family memories are at this lake.  Thanks!”

Lea - Brooklyn, N.Y. -

“This is our fifth year at Paradox Lake and we plan on returning many more.  It has become a tradition to end our summer at Sunder Land.  Thanks for keeping this special place as it is.  It is always hard to leave.”

Amy, Steven, Julia & Michelle - Manhattan -

“Many enjoyable times have been had here at Paradox Lake with friends and family.  It holds a special place in our hearts and we return year after year.  A picture of the view from  Kingfisher deck sits on my work desk.  When I need to during the day, I gaze at the picture and re-live the peace and quiet.”

Kathy G. - Portland, Maine -

“Our family has been vacationing here for thirty years!  It has always been a very special place for all of us, but became even more so with the birth of our first grandchild.  Now we are including the next generation.  They have all come to love the place as much as the two preceding generations.  We have made wonderful memories … swimming, canoeing, playing raucous games of Scrabble, lying on our backs on the Point looking for falling stars and just hanging out away from the distractions of TV, telephone and the daily grind.  I believe we are closer as a family because of the time we have spent together here over the years.”

Martha Y. - Hamilton, N.Y. -

“The last seven days up here with my family and friends have taught me I want to come back to the Northeast.”  Adam … in college ” For our young boys, the trip to the Adirondacks has become an integral part of their summer.  They have always loved the lake and, increasingly the boats, the Point, and the islands but it was Milo who really indentified what mattered most.  He didn’t start with the water,  the frogs, the fishing or the red kayak.  He started with the cabin, with all its rhythms and quirks.  The boys eat well and sleep well here.  Edgewood has been a very happy cabin.”

Clive - Manhattan -

“After 15 years of coming to Sunder Land on Paradox, my family and I have found a home in Chickadee with its double decks, secret loft bedroom,  and private beach.  It’s always nice to be surrounded by the families we’ve known for years. Each year is filled with my occasional dips in the lake, making bracelets, watching the kids grow up, buying a silver ring in town and of course, the Wednesday Square Dance, and the oh-so-musical campfires!  It’s a wonderful tradition I could never give up.”

Alana - Music Major, Potsdam, N.Y. -

“I had a really good time at the lake this year.  It was really fun.  I can’t wait to come back in 2012!”

Sierra, age 9, - Sea Cliff, N.Y. -