All cottages except Edgewood are rented by the week: 3 PM Saturday through 10:30 AM the following Saturday.  Edgewood is rented Sunday at 3 PM until the following Sunday at 10:30 AM.  Partial week reservations (2 night minimum stay) depend on availability;  weekends and partial weeks are likely to be open in June, September, or October.  Our nightly rates are $200-$300 per night, depending on the cabin. The cost for 5 or 6 nights is the weekly rental rate of the cabin.

A phone call followed by a deposit of one-half your total rental will secure a reservation. The balance will be due by February 1.  Full payment will be due immediately for reservations made after April 1 for the current season. After June 1, a bank check or money order must be sent by overnight mail.

A $100 credit to your rental of a week or more is awarded to you if your referral to another party results in a first time rental of at least one week at SunderLand.