Pet Policy

Pets will be allowed under the following conditions:

Pets will be allowed in Edgewood or Porcupine only. Pets are not allowed during the last 2 weeks of July and the first 3 weeks in August. We withhold the right to restrict pets during especially busy weeks. A $200.00 damage deposit will be required, and will be returned by mail within 2 weeks after your stay at SunderLand providing that there is no damage and all provisions of the pet policy have been honored. Pets must be caged when left alone in the cottage and leashed when outdoors. Prompt and complete pet waste disposal is mandatory. Pets will be allowed in the immediate vicinity of Edgewood or Porcupine only and will not be allowed in communal areas. As a courtesy to all of our guests, pet noises that can be heard beyond the vicinity of Edgewood will not be allowed.